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Welcome to the web page of Attorney-at-law office of Mgr. Emanuel Mašín.

Our attorney-at-law office represents more than 20 years´ experience of legal representation in cases of traffic accidents, but also in other affairs. We have defended and represented more than 3,000 clients throughout the whole Czech Republic.

Mgr. Emanuel Mašín has been working as attorney-at-law since 2001, and early from the beginning he focused in his practice on the issues concerning traffic accidents and related matters of damage compensation. He belongs to the most recognized experts in this field. Besides him, the attorney-at-law office team is created by the following attorneys-at-law: Mgr. Emanuel Mašín, Mgr. David Daněk and the chief of the secretariat Mrs Radka Hartlová.

Thanks to the high professional specialization, our office is able to provide for the most effective legal aid in the wide scale of issues concerning traffic accidents. In addition, we cooperate with judicial experts in the field of road traffic and health care.

The long-term experience enables us to render our client highly professional and qualified services either with damage compensation that the client, as an aggrieved party in traffic accident, is entitled for, or with defending the client in criminal proceeding in case of traffic accident infliction. In addition, we represent our clients in other related fields, such as offence, misdemeanor, and protection of personality proceedings.

Thus we are prepared to provide our clients legal aid in all complicated and unpleasant situations related traffic accidents.

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